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"G.I. Joe" premiere in JAPAN?!!
Hey gus! I'm so sorry for not updating for so long. My life has been hectic toward the summer season... I am really sorry for all the people who visit my website everyday and thank you all for your great support. There's something I really would like to share to all of you today! Thanks to our friend, emma, the webmiss of JOSH ONLINE JAPAN, for sharing the great news!
Guess what!! Japan is having a Japan premiere for Chan's upcoming movie, G.I. Joe!! And the other exciting news is that Japan's release date has been decided as the same date of the U.S. release date! Also, there will be a raffle for the invitations to Japan Premiere which 5 pairs of 10 people can win! Unfortunately, I won't be able to try for the raffle, because of the location problem, but! If any of you are near Tokyo, you should definitely try for it!!! And if you win the invitation ticket, please send us a premiere report, so we all can know what happened and everything!!☆ For more details about the Japan Premiere, clicke here⇒G.I. Joe Invitations for the Japan Premiere

Also, the Japan trailer for G.I. Joe has finally been released! Here it is:

The Japan release date, the Japan-U.S. release date is August, 7, 2009!!! We definitely need to go see the movie!! :)
Oh and before I for get, the Japanese website for G.I. Joe is open now.: G.I. Joe Japan
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