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Birthday Presents from Fans to Chan!
The 26th was Chan's birthday! At his official website, Channing Tatum Unwrapped (CTU), the fans from all over the world gathered and sent a very special present to him!! :) First of all... as I mentioned in the last posts, here's the mosaic picture, poster, of Chan made by the face pictures of his fans! This came out really brilliant☆

*Click to for a larger view.

Big thanks to Q, the webmiss of CTU! Of course, I've participated♪ And guess what, I'm not only in one place but in several places in the poster!! X) I don't know if any Japanese fans have participated for this birthday project when I announced about it here... but if you did! I'm telling you, you're somewhere in the poster! You should go check out and look for yourself☆

And here's a video which several fans gathered and made it! Well... the producing part and the most was created by one of the regulars at CTU, Naz☆ Big thanks to Naz on this one!
And of course, I participated in this one also☆ I'm pretty much participating to everything, aren't I. :P
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